Kupchik Rossi, LLC

Attorneys at Law

Cecilia A. Kupchik, Esq.

Ms. Kupchik is the law firm’s founder and principal.  She currently represents a wide variety of U.S. and international clients in immigration and business matters. Cecilia earned her Juris Doctor with an emphasis in Tax from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters of Law in Taxation from the University of Denver.

In addition to her law degrees, Ms. Kupchik holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Haifa University, and a Hebrew teaching degree from the Hayim Greenberg Hebrew College in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Besides her law practice, Ms. Kupchik is a real estate entrepreneur, with an avid focus on restoration of historic homes in downtown areas.  At all other times, she enjoys cooking and is often the designated chef at family and friends’ gatherings.  She has an affinity for linguistics and is fluent in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Portuguese.


Cecilia Kupchik